• Health
  • July 12, 2024
  • 6 minutes Read
Is there a bird flu test available for humans in the event of an outbreak?

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  • Health
  • July 10, 2024
  • 4 minutes Read
Ferret study shows bird flu virus found in US cows poses little risk of respiratory infection

CDC warns of bird flu case Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel on what you need to know about bird flu and why it's important not to look directly…

  • Science
  • July 4, 2024
  • 3 minutes Read
Bird markets may be source of H5 in San Francisco wastewater

Federal officials suspect that live bird markets in San Francisco could be the source of the bird flu virus in wastewater samples from the region. Days after health inspectors reported…

  • Food
  • July 3, 2024
  • 3 minutes Read
Pasteurization inactivates highly contagious bird flu in milk, study suggests

In March 2024, dairy cows in Texas were confirmed to be infected with the highly pathogenic bird flu, or H5N1 avian flu, in the first known case of the virus…

  • Health
  • July 3, 2024
  • 3 minutes Read
Fourth case of human bird flu linked to outbreak in dairy cows

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Wednesday reported the fourth human case of bird flu linked to the nation's ongoing dairy cow outbreak. It's the first such…

  • Science
  • June 29, 2024
  • 3 minutes Read
Signs of bird flu found in San Francisco wastewater

Sampling data shows signs of the H5N1 bird flu virus have been found at three sewage treatment sites in California's Bay Area. Although positive wastewater samples have been found in…

  • Science
  • June 27, 2024
  • 7 minutes Read
Will bird flu persist in cattle?

Despite assurances from the federal government that bird flu will be eradicated from the nation's dairy cows, some experts fear the disease will persist. Recently, Eric Deeble, USDA's acting senior…

  • Science
  • June 21, 2024
  • 5 minutes Read
Bird flu is a real threat. Here's a way to lower it

If the last few years are any indication, bird flu isn't just for the birds. Highly pathogenic bird flu, also known as H5N1, has been confirmed 101 dairy herds in…

  • Health
  • June 18, 2024
  • 2 minutes Read
Michigan will pay dairy farmers to help the government investigate the bird flu outbreak

Michigan will provide financial assistance to dairy farmers assisting the government's investigation into bird flu outbreaks, the state announced Tuesday. The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) said…

  • Technology
  • June 17, 2024
  • 14 minutes Read
Can we prevent a bird flu pandemic in humans?

A highly pathogenic subtype of avian influenza (or bird flu), known as H5N1 is spreading among animals worldwide. For the past couple of decades, global health agencies have kept tabs…